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The following items are available through Tiefenbach. Please call 618-993-8513 to order these items:
  • R58/117/ test Device (for 200-series wheel sensors)
  • EW-1 adjustment tool (“dental drill”) for tuning sensors
  • SSPV-1 adjustment plate
  • SAHL-1 gauge
  • SAHL-2 gauge
  • SBKL-1 gauge
Other helpful items include:
  • Copy of installation instructions with mounting data for various rail sizes.
  • Notebook for logging all caliper measurements both prior to, and after installation of the sensor (“Write in Rain” level books available from “Ben Meadows” allow one to record measurements in rain and snow).
  • A torque wrench with appropriate metric sockets for securing the sensors.
  • 12-VDC, 500 mA power supply / AC adapter for charging the R58 device. A cigarette lighter cord terminated with two banana plugs (one red, one black) also works well.

The following Cembre rail drill components are recommend for use when drilling the rail. One can get pricing for these items by calling Cembre at 732-225-7415. and let him know you require prices for these items and also mention they are for the installation of Tiefenbach Wheel Sensors.

Please note that the TDB6 and SRT Shoe mentioned below are dependent on the rail type/size on which the wheel sensor is to be installed. Make sure you know the size/ type of rail on which you will be mounting the sensor before placing an order for templates (e.g. "115RE," "127PS," "132RE," etc.)

  • 1 piece: LD-3PY Cembre 48cc two cycle gad driven multifunctional rail drill complete with SR5000 lubrocoolant unit, small tools accessories kit and the following accessories:
  • APED 130 Cembre arbour extension for 13mm drill bit
  • APED 3/8Y Arbor extension for 3/8" bits
  • 1 piece MRF-SR-SFA Positioning template
  • 1 piece SR-SKI Template adapter
  • 2 piece PE130 13mm drill bit (discuss with Cembre how many holes you can drill per drill bit before wear is excessive)
  • 1 piece LR-2 (1 gallon) drill oil
  • 1 piece Opti-2 Oil (Sachet 1.8 oz.)
  • 1 piece TDB6 Termination Block for Tiefenbach WS (must know rail size for correct TDB6)
  • 1 piece SRT Shoe for Tiefenbach WS (must know rail size for correct SRT Shoe)