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Measuring the hole spacing/ measuring hole location using SBKL1 tool
  • If necessary, check the specified hole spacing between the two fastening holes from hole center to hole center using a sliding calliper. It must be 145-mm
  • Always check the distance –C– (see Table 1) between the center’s of the holes and the rail head bottom using the rail hole check gauge type SBKL1.
  • Screw SBKL1 into the rail web holes.
  • Release the knurled screw, press the movable leg against the rail head underside firmly and then tighten the knurled screw again.
  • Cautiously take the SBKL1 off the rail and read the measured value.
  • Compare the read dimension with the dimension required according to Table 1. For rail types not shown in the Table 1 chart consult with Pintsch Tiefenbach to get the appropriate values.
Note: Too many fastening holes weaken the rail /tolerances

If the dimensions obtained with the BVR17 should deviate by more than ± 0.5mm or, when using the LD-3PY, by more than ± 0.5mm from the value stated in the table, then the holes must be drilled another time. If there are too many holes in a stretch of 6 feet, the strength of the rail could be weakened and is not allowed