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SPK-10 RSSI 2023

The gate mechanism used in the railroad industry is a bit like death and taxes; it never changes. Certainly, the basic design is robust and there have been improvements over the years, but the basic methodology has remained the same for the better part of a century. What would happen if someone stepped outside the proverbial “box” and introduced an entirely new design?

Pintsch North America has done that with the introduction of the SPK-10 Gate Mechanism to the North American Market. This gate mechanism offers unprecedented reliability and stable, predictable operation in an incredibly robust package. The basic design can operate for years, even decades, with almost no maintenance. Advantages include:

  • The use of sealed limit switches immune to oxidation or mechanical distortion.
  • Actuation by way of a specialized screw-motor, which affords consistent descent and ascent speeds.
  • The gate is held in both the up and down position by a specialized holding magnet, eliminating hold-clear mechanisms, ratchet wheels, and similar wear-prone mechanical elements.
  • Current demand is very minimal, allowing for the use of a less expensive, smaller gauge cable.
  • The SPK-10 can be used as a stand-alone gate mechanism, or it is sufficiently robust to facilitate the installation of a flasher tree atop the cabinet.
  • A rotating base is available to facilitate gate replacement or repair in a safe position out of the way of highway traffic.

Two different versions are available that either fail up or fail down, making the SPK-10 ideal for four- quadrant gate applications.

The SPK-10 is compatible with all standard crossing control configurations and a simple control arrangement makes troubleshooting and component replacement extremely easy on the rare occasion it is necessary.

The SPK-10 is a proven technology that has been thoroughly tested in active service in climates ranging from arctic to sub-tropical. It will operate for years under extremely harsh conditions while providing a level of reliability that far exceeds that of traditional equipment. It is the ideal solution for both highway grade crossings and pedestrian crossings in both freight and transit environments.

Contact Pintsch North America today for more information. We would be happy to demonstrate the gate mechanism for you.

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