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Sensor Monted to Rail

Does your industrial plant need to know when the servicing railroad is arriving to drop off or
deliver cars?

Because railroads are subject to a variety of variables that make it difficult to predict exactly when an industry can be serviced. It’s a bit like “your package will arrive sometime between noon and 7-PM.” However, an industrial facility also has constraints, and it’s helpful to know that the train crew has arrived at your plant, particularly if cars are being delivered after hours or on weekends.

Pintsch North America offers an elegant solution to this problem in the form of the Pintsch Annunciator System.” This useful and inexpensive product consists of a rail-mounted wheel sensor connected to a specialized electronic circuit that detects on-track equipment moving into your facility. The electronic package can then automatically telephone or text several employees to notify them of the arrival.

The Pintsch Annunciator System is ideal for both large industrial facilities with dispersed rail infrastructure and smaller facilities that are not always staffed, such as remote agricultural facilities.

The Pintsch Annunciator System can pay for itself in a short period of time by limiting demurrage charges or by preventing delays loading or off-loading time-sensitive material.

Pintsch engineers will custom design the system for your facility. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.