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Industrial facilities are confronted with a wide range of options for solving railroad signal problems. Unfortunately, many of the inexpensive technologies offered do not fulfill the safety requirements needed to meet railroad industry standards, nor are they designed and manufactured to a level that helps protect the industry from civil liability should an accident occur.

Pintsch North America, a worldwide supplier of signal, train control, and automation systems for the rail industry set-out to solve this problem by designing a low priced industrial signal solution that meets the high-level of safety expected by both rail operators and loss mitigation managers. The result is the Pintsch ICX Crossing System.

Designed to sell at a price that is competitive with non-fail-safe (non-vital) alternatives, the ICX system provides the high level of safety and the reliability expected of a railroad signal system. Using a technology identical to that used by our class one railroad customers, the ICX crossing system provides the life-critical level of protection expected by all who enter your plant premises.

Industrial ICX Grade (1)

The ICX system is small enough to mount on a post adjacent to the track, yet it provides a level of safety consistent with more complex systems.

The ICX crossing system utilizes the Pintsch “virtual track circuit” technology built around axle counting methods. This ensures the train-detection process is resistant to poor ballast conditions, chemical contamination, rusty rail, electromagnetic interference and similar problems common to industrial environments. This makes our technology the preferred method of industries throughout the World

The ICX crossing system incorporates battery back-up, a “power-off” strobe to indicate loss of AC mains power, as well as a remote monitoring capability, which, when connected to the Pintsch North America remote monitoring and predictive maintenance network, facilitates notification of potential maintenance problems, remote troubleshooting, and, if necessary, the dispatch of a trained signal technician to resolve a problem.

The ICX system is the ONLY vital, fail-safe industrial system on the market that sells at a price competitive with lesser technologies. Call Pintsch North America today for more details!