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Pintsch North America offers a complete range of railroad signal system solutions. From the custom manufacture of our extremely reliable, vital train detection technology to turn‐ key construction services, we are your one‐stop solution for professional services.

Whether you are in need of sensors, amplifiers and similar components for a yard automa‐tion project or if you require the design and installation of a complete signal system, Pintsch is your reliable partner. Some of our services include:

  • Wheel sensors, amplifiers and related components.
  • Complete axle counting systems designed to your requirements or specifications.
  • Complete relay case wiring.
  • Field survey and project management services.
  • Final safety testing and commissioning.

In addition to common railroad signaling applications such as highway grade crossing warning systems, we offer specialized switch protection and control packages, yard‐automation components and systems, traffic‐light pre‐emption retrofits, red‐ light‐overrun sensing, trap‐circuits, and specialized signal systems for locations with unusual requirements, such as at swing and lift bridges, steel‐deck bridges, and other facilities ill‐suited to traditional methods. If you have an unusual railroad signal application, we have the solution, even if we have to custom manufacture it for you!

For short‐line railroads, we can provide complete signal packages. We determine your needs and operational requirements, conduct all necessary field surveys, design and install the solution, and hand you the keys when the safety‐testing and commissioning is complete.

For industrial facilities, we manufacture and install vital, fail‐safe signal systems at a cost competitive with lesser, non‐vital technologies and products.

Contact Pintsch North America today for your customized solution!