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Switching Amplifier for 3 inductive NAMUR sensors (3 Single Wheel Sensors) or 1 inductive NAMUR double sensor (1 Double Wheel Sensor)

G84/97/... without pulse extension
G84/122/... with pulse extension 1 sec.

  • Switching amplifier for 3 single sensors or 1 double wheel sensor (2 internal systems) - NAMUR
  • Optocoupler output
  • Available with or without pulse extension
  • All functions visible via LEDs
  • Function reversal by jumper

The switching amplifier comprises 3 channels. Up to 3 NAMUR single wheel sensors or 1 double wheel sensor can be connected.

Operating principle

The switching amplifier consists of 3 independent NAMUR amplifiers which comprise, depending on the model, a pulse extension to a duration of 1 second per channel. The duration of the pulse extension can be preset internally by the manufacturer. As signal transmitters, the following models can be used:

  • N59-1R-200-45 Single wheel sensor according to DIN 19234 (NAMUR)
  • 2N59-1R-200-45 Single wheel sensor according to DIN 19234 (NAMUR)
  • 2N59-1R-200-40 Single wheel sensor according to DIN 19234 (NAMUR)

All signal transmitter conductors are monitored for a line fault. The signal transmitters operate contactless, i.e. there is no mechanical link between the wheel flange and the signal transmitter. When a ferromagnetic material such as the rail cars wheel flange moves along the active surfaces of the signal transmitters (wheel sensor), the movement of the wheel flange is transformed into electric pulses by the wheel sensor (transmitter) and detected at the amplifier inputs processed and made available as a digital output signal via an optocoupler output.


input frequency: > 2 ms
Temperaturr range: -25° C to +60° C
Operating voltage: 230 VAC, 115 VAC 48...60Hz, 12VDC or 24VDC ±15%, 3.5 VA, 2.5W
Protection class: Casing IP 40, class IP 20
Casing material: Polycarbonate/ABS
Installation: On ground plate or top hat rail DIN 50022
Dimensions: L 75 x W 55 x H 110 mm
Terminal cross-section: 4 mm²

Input circuit:

3 independent channels.

3 NAMUR inputs according to DIN 19234
Voltage: 8.2 VDC
Current: max. 8.2 mA
Switching threshold: 1.55 mA
Switching hysteresis: 0.2 mA

Output circuit:

Pulse extension: 1 sec. (model G84/122/..)
Optocoupler rating Voltage: 80 V DC
Current: 100 mA
Voltage drop: ≤ 1.5 V at maximum current