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Modern railroad signal practices are built on the basic concept of the track circuit. This fundamental concept has served as a basis for over a century of technological evolution, yet, certain disadvantages remain, even when the latest equipment is utilized.

Axle counting systems offer an alternative to the traditional track circuit. Unlike the basic technology of a century or more ago, axle counting offers a high level of safety without the disadvantages of variable shunting sensitivity, electromagnetic interference, lightning ingress, or frequency incompatibility.

By creating a virtual track circuit using a vital axle counting system, a signal system can operate reliably under an extreme range of environmental and operational conditions. Whether a railroad environment is affected by rusty rail, contaminated ballast, poor track and structural conditions, or storm water intrusion in the gauge of the track, an axle counting system will continue to operate reliably.

Only Pintsch North America offers the high level of reliability combined with the ability to custom design and manufacture unique signal solutions needed for the rail industry.

We pave the way...

Pintsch North America offers more than just sensors and amplifiers. Our products and services are customized for a wide variety of railroad applications, from highway grade crossing systems to yard automation, industrial automation, and wayside signal systems. We can provide most needed solutions, from a custom manufactured axle counting system to a complete turn-key signal system.

Pintsch North America has been a successful provider of electronic sensors and axle counting systems for the railroad industry for decades. We have used our sensor technology as the basis for signal and train control systems since 1967.

The heart of any axle counting system is the double wheel sensor. Pintsch sensors ensure safe operation and a robust long service life. It is the basis for our complete system solutions for the freight rail, transit, and industrial market applications.

At Pintsch North America we provide our customers with solutions to their signaling and yard automation needs, and we are dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of today's railroads.