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Measure the rail height wear with SAHL 1

Depending on the height wear of the rail, the DSS sensor must be fastened to the rail stem (web) using its upper or lower fastening holes.

  • Insert the sliding calliper SAHL 1 into the DSS fastening hole and snug it with the wing nut.

Measure the height wear using the SAHL 1

  • Loosen the knurled screw, press the movable part of the sliding calliper onto the rail head and tighten the knurled screw again (if necessary, remove any dirt from the rail head).
  • Cautiously lift the SAHL 1 off the rail, read the measured value -B- and compare it with the Table 1.
  • As an alternative (and due to potential hole tolerances), it is also possible to measure the entire rail height –X–, which allows to assess the difference with respect to a new rail

For 141 lb rail you will need to add an additional 10mm flat spacer underneath the wheel sensor if you will be bolting it to the SSK6 mounting plate. This will raise the wheel sensor to the correct height so you can attain the necessary 45mm from the top of the rail to the top of the wheel sensor