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The Pintsch Tiefenbach axle counting system (TAZ) was developed in connection with the proven electronic double wheel sensor (DSS) for issuing clear and occupied notifications on station track sections, point switch zones, line sections and other track clear-occupancy applications. This provides users in the railway sector, such as Mainline, Shortline, Industrial railways, or suppliers of complete railway safety systems with reliable, safe and low-cost train position detection and clear notification technology.

  • Line-clear notification for station track sections, points switch zone protection, bridge section protection, line section protection, and approach or island circuit overlays.
  • Decentralized points-clear notification for electrical locally-set points with switching protection and automatic switching from the trailing side.
  • Occupied/Cleared notification for automatic train operated grade crossing protection systems.

By deliberately using tried and tested components from the Pintsch Tiefenbach range of railway technology products, many operational and technical advantages have been secured for the user which make the use of this technology attractive even in areas with simple operational setups, in hump yards and gravity shunting systems, on single-track or multi-track mainline or regional lines as well as on tram and city railway systems offering local public transport.

Double wheel sensor (DSS): Type Application
  • 2N59-1R-200-45 for speeds up to 37 mph
  • 2N59-1R-200-40 for speeds up to 220 mph
  • 2N59-1R-400RE-40 for speeds up to 220 mph with off rail detection
  • 2N59-1-200-47 for tram wheel sets and speeds up to 44 mph
  • Maintenance-free sensor technology (double wheel sensor), unaffected by all known sources of interference (e.g. traction reverse currents, rail braking, radio-frequencies etc).
  • No electronic evaluation systems required near the track.
  • System functions irrespective of ballast parameters, the state of the superstructure, axle shunting and weather conditions.
  • Secure detection of all standard wheel-set types, even for low-floor vehicles.
  • Modular construction using Euro plug-in boards therefore allowing easy expansion and low-cost assembly of complete clear notification systems with multiple use of components.
  • Decentralized, low-cost installation of control systems in exterior boxes (without climate control!) is possible, e.g. for decentralized point switch controlling and block systems in the public transport sector, station control systems for regional traffic, for grade-crossing safety systems, or island and approach overlay circuits.