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Aids to Navigation System CoDeSy MKII from black sea entrance channel and 1075 km of Danube river romanian sector

The Administratia Fluviale a Dunarii de Jos (AFDJ), with its head office in Galati, Romania, has decided to procure a new Aids to Navigation System. The Purpose is to implement reliable and efficient management of Aids to Navigation in the black sea entrance and through 1075 km of Danube through the Romanian territory, by using modern technologies which allow, where needed, instant notification of malfunctioning, damage, shifting and disappearance of objects, as well as a fast response.

On 14th of February 2007, the IALA industrial member Pintsch Bamag has signed the Contract Agreement for the design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of 236 superstructures including radar reflector, and solar powered LED lanterns, 61 equipped with Remote monitoring System, to be installed on existing buoys. Furthermore 118 beacons, including radar reflector, and solar powered LED lanterns, all equipped with Remote Monitoring System, are to be installed ashore on existing platforms through and bordering Romanian territory along 1075 km of the Danube river.

In addition the project includes the installation of 5 Remote Monitoring Central Stations in Sulina, Galati, Calarasi, Giurgiu and Turnu Severin. Each Central Station will monitor and control the Aids to Navigation in its region. The main informational system base will be at Galati, to which all information from other regions will be forwarded. The communication link between the monitoring computer in the central station and the Aids to Navigation, equipped with CoDeSy MK II RTU, is achieved by VHF radio data transmission. All remote monitored buoys are equipped with GPS and acceleration sensors, thus, in addition to the monitoring of the status of the lantern and power supply on the buoy, the system allows to detect collisions and to report when they are off position.

The project has been completed during the month of June 2008, and the final