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Pintsch Tiefenbach USA has been providing innovative, safe, reliable components and systems for railway signaling technique in North America since 1999.

Our products range from wheel sensors (also referred to as transducers) and wheel sensor related components to track vacancy detection systems which are used in trailing technology, grade crossing protection, switch zone protection, bridge protection, section protection and for many other types of track protection applications where axle counting technology is better suited due to track or interference related problems.

We have solutions for existing or new problems where conventional technology may not always be the best solution.

Our system solutions are customized to match the customers respective requirements.

Our components adapt seamlessly to the systems of other providers and form perfectly functioning solutions with open and variable interfaces.

Pintsch Tiefenbach USA provides complete stock to meet our customers needs in our Marion, Illinois warehouse and provide the level of service and technical support our customers require. We also provide assistance in design and layout of the counting circuit logic and hardware required to interface our system to your signal application.