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For many years, Pintsch North America mostly served the major class one railroads. However, we soon realized that many industrial and short line railroads lacked the experience and capacity to design, plan, and install railroad signal systems. Therefore, Pintsch North America now offers complete turn-key construction services, from initial site survey to final safety and commissioning tests. Once the project is completed, we hand you the keys confident that another satisfied customer has a safe, reliable signal installation that will stand the test of time.

We do not “farm-out” critical signal design and construction tasks. Whether it’s a specialized flood-mitigation study, investigation of property boundaries, or case assembly and wiring, we do it in-house. This ensures complete quality control to our standards.

A Pintsch employee performing a flood mitigation study in advance of signal system design.

Based on customer needs, we can either manage the entire design and construction process, or those portions for which the customer is not equipped.

Do you have a preferred signal contractor? We can work with that signal contractor to perform any portion of the project, from simply providing a custom manufactured axle counting system to a pre-wired case.

Pintsch also maintains relationships with several “preferred” signal construction companies, which have proven themselves reliable and ethical in their business and installation practices. We can even provide our own on-going maintenance and inspection services after the installation is complete, a significant advantage for industrial railroads that do not employ qualified signal maintainers.

Speaking of industrial railroads, is your facility using an inferior, non-fail-safe grade crossing system or train control equipment? Pintsch North America has several solutions for convenient retrofit or replacement of inferior grade crossing equipment at reasonable cost.

Custom Solutions:

Our signal systems are custom manufactured based on hard data gathered not just from the initial site survey, but in collaboration with rail operations personnel. Unlike other manufacturers who offer a one-size-fits-all product, we can custom design and manufacture a signal system that meets all of your needs. Pintsch North America is one of the few companies capable of this level of customer service.

Our applications engineering process takes into account not only industriy standards and Federal regulations, but we address the “what if” questions and plan for future rail operations to the extent possible. 

A Relay Case under construction at our Illinois facility.

Training and Support:

Pintsch North America is known for its outstanding customer service and relentless drive to ensure our customers are satisfied. We don’t disappear over the horizon once an installation is complete. We can provide on-site training for maintainers and technicians and we offer not just telephone support, but remote monitoring and predictive maintenance services.

“Better Costs Less”

This old advertising chestnut applies well to Pintsch North America. While one can always find a lesser system at a lower price, it takes only a short time to realize that our knowledge, experience and attention to detail results in significantly lower long-term cost  and higher quality.

Call Pintsch North America to discuss your signal system requirements today!