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  • Vertical Installation
  • Easy Alteration of Switch
  • Supplementary Functions Possible
  • Float Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Switching Points
  • Contactless Actuation
  • Rugged Construction

The maintenance-free level switch is used for monitoring the level of liquids in open or closed, pressureless tanks. It is nearly insensitive to external interferences and resistant to non-flammable hydraulic liquids.

Construction and Function:

The inserted permanent magnet in the float actuates contact less monostable dry reed contacts. The contacts are fitted on a rail inside the float guide tube, marked in cm an are adjustable in height (min. space of the contacts min. 90 mm). After release of the adapter sleeve a fine-adjustment is also possible by pushing forward of the immersion tube in a longitudinal direction.

By turning the contacts 180° each can be converted from a normally open contact to a normally closed contact or vice versa.

For a tank with turbulent flow a smoothing pipe for the float can be delivered if requested.