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Locally stationary electromechanical shunting equipment for automating the marshalling, handling and loading processes in guided traffic.

Trailing or shunting equipment uses rope traction operated shunting cars which apply to the wheelsets of the wagons and transport, decelerate and position these in the required position. The rope traction units are driven by base stations that are controlled by means of the latest frequency converter technology. The main application area for this technology is the area of high power train formation yards of Deutsche Bahn AG and other railways, but also automated loading systems in industry and mining as well as train wash lines. PINTSCH TIEFENBACH has a know-how acquired in more than 30 years of experience. Due to a continuous process of further development and improvement of essential system components the work process and thus also the costs for system maintenance were reduced to a fraction of the usual amount.


  • Train formation yards
  • Wash lines
  • Loading / Unloading station